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Seattle Seahawks® Marshawn Lynch HD Mesh Hooded Mask


Root for the Seahawks with this fun Marshawn Lynch HD Mesh Hooded Mask! Each mask features a black, mesh hood.

Our masks, a high-definition, digital image printed on 100% polyester mesh, are less expensive, yet more realistic, than any other mask on the market. They are fully breathable, comfortable and allow full range of sight and speech. You might just be mistaken for the real thing!

Ages 5+
Officially licensed by NFLPA

Marshawn Lynch, Running Back, Seattle Seahawks

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Super Bowl winner; Associated Press First-Team All Pro; Four Pro Bowl selections

As a two-sport star in high school, Lynch focused solely on football once he began college. Selected in the First round by Buffalo in 2007, Lynch amassed more than 1100 yards and seven TD’s in his rookie campaign with the Bills.
Eventually traded to Seattle, Lynch resurrected his career with the Seahawks, cementing his “beast mode” moniker against the heavily favored Saints in his first career playoff game. During that game Lynch ran for a 67-yard TD, in which he broke nine tackles and with one arm threw a defensive back to the ground, causing such a strong crown reaction that it was recorded as seismic activity at a monitoring station near the stadium in Seattle.

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