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DC TV Bundle: Penguin, Flash, Arrow

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Bring home the ultimate DC TV Bundle and save 10% + Free Shipping!

By ordering this Bundle, you will receive the following DC TV plush figures: Penguin, The Flash, and Arrow!


Bleacher Creatures are officially licensed true-to-life 10" plush figures that stand on their own and make the perfect gift. Bleacher Creatures turn the greatest athletes and entertainment icons into characters, even friends, whom you can hang out with anytime, anywhere. Always remember, #ItsNotADoll, #ItsABleacherCreature!

-Handcrafted in China-

10" Plush Figure.

Officially licensed by DC Comics. 

Conforms to safety requirements of ASTM F963.

Recommended Ages 3+.

Surface wash only.

Made in China.

Oswald Cobblepot, with his bird-like figure and odd waddle, may not seem like your stereotypical super-villain. However, behind his odd appearance and elegant demeanor hides a beast ready to destroy, corrupt, and undermine anybody in his path. With the brains of a chess grandmaster and the morals of a jackal, The Penguin is one of the most dangerous and frightening foes!

Barry Allen became a forensic scientist when his mother was murdered. Obsessed with solving crimes and catching crooks, Barry was always chained to his desk. However, when a stray lightning bolt hit a lab shelf, the scientist acquired super speed, thus becoming The Flash. With his new powers, The Flash can run up buildings, across oceans, and through objects. 

Billionaire Oliver Queen lived a lavish lifestyle until his assistant betrayed him on a sailing trip. Stranded on an island, Queen mastered the bow and arrow to survive, and eventually discovered enslaved locals on the island. With new skills and a new mentality, Queen led a rebellion against the slave-owners and eventually returning to civilization. Back at home, Queen became the Green Arrow, a modern-day Robin Hood fighting for justice and standing up for the little guy. 

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